Why it’s Wrong to say “Head should be Appeased in Place of the Orishas” by Babalawo Irawo Agba

Babalawo Irawo Agba Explains why It is Wrong to Say “Ori Laba Bo Aba Fi Orisha Sile – Head should be appeased in Place of the Orishas. Ori Bibo is an important aspect of Yoruba Religion. It is called head appeasement. Ori Bibo is a way of appeasing one head for prosperity. Orishas are appeased for blessing.

Cinnamon and Clove Metaphysical Boutique (@cynnamon333) Interview With Nicole Lasher, Webmatron of Orisha.me • Instagram video


Cinnamon and Clove Metaphysical Boutique shared a post on Instagram: “My interview with Nicolet Tanit Nefertauret Lasher was a pleasure and very informative. We spoke on Magical tecnhiques, the Orisha, social media and our plight as African Americans. Please watch.”. Follow their account to see 137 posts. Watch on Instagram…

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