World Isese Day 2023

World Isese Day 2023

World Isese Day was supposed to be celebrated on August 20, 2023 at Yemoja River in Ilorin-Kwara State, Nigeria. Threats of violence by islamic extremists have unfortunately led to confusion about the event.

“Although we are not unaware of the clandestine moves, efforts, and preparation by some disgruntled elements within the Islamic faith to unleash unwarranted attacks on some of our members in Kwara State before, during, and after the August 20 proposed events. We had wanted to go ahead in the hope that the Security Agencies would do their best to put a check on the unbridled lust of the bellicose Islamists for war thereby enabling us to exercise our fundamental rights as an organisation. It is therefore shocking to realise that those whose role it is to enforce the law, ensure peace and maintain orderliness indirectly declared that they have neither the capacity nor the political willpower to so do and would rather deny us our rights to please those they are expected to caution. “

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Saheed Ire said some days ago though, that the celebration will proceed regardless:

There have been conflicting reports, some saying it will proceed as scheduled on the 20th, and now some saying it will be postponed one day to the 21st.

Update: Isese Day is going forward. The threats did not stop the true adherents of Olodumare from gathering and celebrating. Ashe!


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