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Orisha Online Altar is a privately run effort to educate people about African and diaspora spirituality from the perspective of African and diaspora people. We cover our hosting, domains, and other expenses out of pocket. So we appreciate help from readers who have benefited from the information housed here.

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Puttin In That Work 2016Your donations go towards the hosting and maintenance of Orisha Online Altar and partner sites. We also put it towards living expenses for me, the WebMatron and whoever of our ile and allies is in need, and offerings for our deities.

I accept personal offerings as well. If you feel the need to pay an African woman in order to balance your soul in some way, I will accept this. It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain these sites, and I am now a cyborg with two metal knees. So the sidework braiding hair and making desserts for diabetics in festivals is no more. I am a full time WebMatron working at home and king of an ile which means I have to take care of my people on whatever I make from patrons. I refuse to put all this content behind a paywall because although I believe in paying African women for our labor, I don’t believe that spirituality itself should be monetized.

So feel free to pay me for my labor and prove that building good websites with accurate information is still worth doing.

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If you’d like a website of your own on and can operate WordPress, contact me so we can get you set up. It’s $25 per month if you run it yourself. If you need me to curate it, then the setup will be $500, and then $100 per month after that, depending on how often I have to go through your social media for content. Contact me to get started.


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