Vodun F.A.Q. – How does Vodun approach abortion? What is the perspective on abortion in African spirituality?

African Spirituality is pro choice. To be considered a competent midwife you must learn birth control and how to humanely end pregnancy.

In short, Vodun and diaspora belief systems are pro choice. Individuals may have their own opinions about it and various houses and groups may approach it differently, but generally, abortion is not considered something inappropriate or “sinful”. It could be classed as unfortunate or misfortune when it has to be…

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Solutions: How to Avoid Negative Cultural Appropriation of African and Diaspora Belief Systems

Lately, there has been some buzz in the community about cultural appropriation of African belief systems.  We’ve talked a lot about the problem, and I think it’s time we addressed some realistic solutions.  The global spiritual community has always shared information, but the speed has increased dramatically since the internet. …

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