Vodun F.A.Q. – How are sex, orientation, and gender perceived in Vodun?

Update March 10, 2023:

Because of a spate of homophobic content being posted in the African spirituality community, I needed to address the issue of colonial gender roles and labels, why homophobia is quite bluntly, a “white” supremacist affliction, and how posting homophobic content is participating in human sacrifice. Please like and subscribe and share these videos to warn people in our community to not give their energy to “white” supremacists.

Exposing the connection between homophobia and racism, American politics, and mass shootings.

Watch: How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?

In the next video, I go into how hate speech is a “white” supremacist money ritual with human sacrifice:

Why I don’t believe that hate speech is truly done unknowingly due to actual belief. It is a conscious attempt to encourage someone to spill blood in one’s name. These are people trying to gain money, clout, and either social or spiritual power through blood sacrifice.

Where you see just a hateful person, because I have experience and direct observation of pseudo Christian and other cults praying for innocent people’s deaths, I know it is not ignorance motivating them. Anyone doing hate speech today is a literal worshiper of who they believe is the devil or demons, engaging in hypnotizing people so that one of the susceptible ones will go out and kill someone. Like some people believe in human sacrifice money rituals, so do they. They just con another person to do the killing for them.

All African spiritualists should take care that they are not piggybacking on some “white” supremacist’s money ritual.

Fire FlightThat out of the way…

Sex and gender in Vodun are perceived in line with the science. However, you will rarely see discussion of it outside of writings and academia because the Yoruba, and many other west African cultures consider sexual contact between people to be so sacred and intimate that it is rarely explicitly discussed. Because of this view of sexual contact, discussions of gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation don’t happen sometimes even while someone’s future is being planned around their individual needs. They are just kind of nudged to where they need to be and towards whatever rites of passage are appropriate for them.

What further complicates these kinds of explanations is that gender is perceived differently in indigenous African cultures than in western cultures. Though colonialism forced many surface norms, and some Africans fully converted to their oppressor’s religions, many things didn’t sink in fully, and where they did, these people are considered problematic and anti survival.

Generally, most indigenous west African cultures recognize more than two genders and gender role variability. So there are men, women, intersex people who may function as men or women or both, men who sometimes perform woman like functions, women who sometimes perform man like functions, transgender people who were born male or female in physical appearance but grow up to function differently than the typical path, and sometimes more.

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