Video Course: Sheloya’s Hoodoo Bones System – How to Read the Bones

Sheloya's Hoodoo Bones   I’ve posted some new videos on YouTube about how to read the bones. Click here if you prefer text and audio instructions.

Please don’t forget to Like the videos so that the algorithm puts me ahead of people imitating me, and Subscribe to my channel so you get my authentic updates. I’m generally hosting a live Zoom chat that streams on Youtube on Mondays. I don’t do readings during the chat, but I do talk about African and diaspora spirituality, witchcraft, and living that life.

To avoid any confusion, this is not ossomancy proper. In this case “bones” means sculpted or carved tiles that may or may not contain bones. This system is an innovation based on ancient traditions, but not an ancient tradition in and of itself. Some may include bones in their set though. If you would like to learn about reading actual bones, see my page on Reading Bones.

Something I’d like to add, if you are not observant to a particular pantheon or deity, don’t use their symbols for your bones. One would think this would be obvious, but it isn’t apparently. The bones are like little fetishes or embodiments of the deities who speak to you by how they land on your tray or surface. To understand what they are saying, you have to know something of, and be in the process of aligning with that deity. This is also important in how and where you store them. I made these videos in 2012 with my webcam in my old horrible apartment, so please excuse the quality. I may make new ones soon.

Lesson 1: The Overview

Lesson 2: Your Bone Tray

Lesson 3: The Bones

Lesson 4: An Example Reading

I hope you enjoyed the lessons. If you have questions, find me on my Zoom chat on Mondays or contact us here.

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Blessings and Ashé!

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of

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