Should I buy anti evil eye pendants for myself?

Normal Evil Eye Pendant

Normal Evil Eye Pendant

If they are part of a ceremonial working or it is specifically sacred, you can and should if you need them.  If it is just a stand-alone item, you should not.  The reason why is that these sorts of items are activated by being given as gifts.

Evil eye is caused by a buildup or strong projection of negative energy from other people looking upon you with envy/jealousy or possessiveness.  When you buy a non sacred amulet for yourself, it is just another possession.

Sacred Ayatal Kursee Pendant

Sacred Islamic pendant with Ayatal Kursee for protection from the evil eye

On the other hand, when you buy an amulet that has a prayer or sacred symbol inscribed on it, or it has been properly consecrated, the protection factor is more than psychological or impulsive.  It is a gift from the Spirits.

So normal protection talismans such as eyes, figas, Italian horns, and the like should be received as gifts or bought to give to others.  Prayer inscribed amulets, small nkisi, and consecrated items can be bought for yourself.

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