Logun Ede

Logun Ede This article is a work in progress.  As more information is confirmed and gathered, it will be added to this article.  If you would like to contribute any information or anecdotes, please write to sister@soulmindbody.net


Sacred number: 3.
Sacred colors: blue and yellow, turquoise and yellow, red coral (not true red ever) turquoise and yellow.
Auspicious week day: Thursday.
Holiday: April 19.
Symbols: bow and arrow and mirror.
Domain: wealth, male beauty, adolescence, in-between phases of life, growth, or transformation, mist/fog, water interchanges, LGBTQ, intersex people, and crossdressers.

Logun Ede, also known as Logun or Laro, is often referred to as the prince of the Orishas.  they are the child of Oshun or Oxum and Oxossi/Ochossi or Inle/Erinle.  they are venerated by practitioners of Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, and it is said, Isese, Ifa, and Vodun in Nigeria, though I have never personally seen this.  It may be that in Africa, Logun Ede is given less specific attention outside of a few local observances, but still respected.  In the north American diaspora, they are given lots of love and respect by practitioners in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Depending where you are and who you ask, they are intersex or they are male but crossdress for half of the year.  It is pretty much agreed though, that the reason for this is that they live between worlds, with their father half of the year, and their mother the other half of the year.  So for half of the year, they live and hunt on the river, and the other half of the year, they live like a princess in the forest.

Because of the practical inconveniences of their situation, as well as their being nonbinary though called physically male, and according to the apatakis, their tendency to lose the women in their life to Shango (there’s a lesson in there), they have never known the (sexual/romantic) love of a woman.  So they are said to technically remain a virgin forever.  The one who finally stuck by them in the end was Yewa, so they are very close and are said share a mutual disdain for Shango.  Remember that the human relations issue is one thing, but the spiritual and nature side is another.  Spiritually, and in nature overall, the Orishas all work in harmony.

The energy of Logun Ede is untouched, untested beauty.  They do not walk.  They float.  It is not that they do not do things that should get their hands dirty or wound them.  It is that they are so beautiful, dirt is ashamed to stick to their skin, and even the most vicious predators are too enchanted to bear down on them with their teeth.  They allow themselves to be stabbed, strangled, and trapped by them because they are just that good.  In human incarnations, the Sun refuses to age them.  Indeed, their children, those whose head is Logun Ede, have a strangely youthful look their entire lives.  They die of old age eventually, but still beautiful, and often with very few or no gray hairs.

Because of their favor by all forces of Nature, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make them comfortable, they have been associated by many with the Catholic Saint Expedite.  So devotions to them are added to prayers and workings one wishes to work quickly.

Food Offerings for Logun Ede

Acceptable food offerings for Logun ede include:

Black eyed peas with corn on the side, and four eggs cut into quarters, garnished with coconut strips  (Click here for a recipe.)

Cooked kernel corn.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


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  2. Praise to Logun ede Prince of Light, who my wish did Expedite!

    Hail Prince of the Woods, the Rivers and Sea,
    Thou Fairest Orisha, I Adore Thee,
    Shining Divinely within my Head,
    Inspire me and Guide me!


  3. Orisa Logun Ede Never has sex with a Male orisa or Male human. He is the patron of the lgbt community by choice, not because he is gay. He is at no time in love with a masculine energy. He is a Male Orisa who is in touch with his femininity because of the great Orisa Yeye Oshun Ase

    • They are an Orisha. Granted many if not most of their legends are based partly on the life stories of ancestors who embodied them well, but we really have no way of knowing what those ancestors got up to. As a spirit, they possess people of all genders and orientations, and those they often rest on are indeed in what a colonized person would view as same sex or same gendered relationships.

      Someone who has deprogrammed would not need to do any impulsive rescue clarification of unknowns. Nor would one view sex or gender of anyone manifesting as something more physically complex than an amoeba as similar or the same, implying mismatched or redundant, based on external genitalia.

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