Vodun FAQ: A Non African Having Orisha Dreams

Updated on September 19, 2022, as elders, babalawos, priests, spiritual scientists, and historians have weighed in and corrected some misconceptions.

If you are a “non African” but you are having Orisha dreams, it can be a bit scary, especially if you have no knowledge of traditional African faith.  You may think you’re being approached by demons, or be told this by someone ignorant who means well but has politicized religion.

First of all, you should understand that Vodun is not witchcraft, though some may unknowingly attempt to use it for that.  Vodun is a belief system, and practitioners whether in Africa or the diaspora, worship the Almighty Unfathomable that Christians, and Muslims aspire to, but have forgotten how.  Like Hindus or Buddhists, we “see” It in a different way than abrahamic faiths that came after Judaism, and therefore do not tie our “salvation” to any human or personified prophet, avatar, example, or demigod.

It may help you to understand that the Orishas are somewhat like Angels.  They were, in fact, the original Angels from before Abraham (or the origin of his legend) was a twinkle in his great great great great (going back 10,000+ years) grandmother’s eye.  Not to be confusing, Orishas are not all exactly Angels, but they, the planets, constellations, and other cosmic phenomena are where the idea of them came from.  Whether you should view the experience as positive or negative depends on why you’re being approached.  It could be that you are being taken under their special care, or that they have a message for you, or that you have done or are doing something that has wronged them or something they are in charge of, as assigned by Olodumare.

For the answer to this, you should trust your own soul.  It may be helpful to you however, to speak to an experienced male or masculine leaning intersex Vodun practitioner who is a child of Elegua or another African gatekeeper deity, or priest on the matter though.  The reason you would want to go to someone amab or born with masculine leaning physicality is because, whether some like it or not, men/masculine people have a better instinctive connection to Elegua, the gatekeeper.  A woman or someone afab (assigned female at birth) *can* do this for you, but if you want the best, you have to go to the best.  If the only one within your resources to get to is afab, then this is fine.  Just don’t be surprised if they/he seeks amab assistance or refers you to someone amab or intersex and living as a man. It’s not a matter of quality, but alignment, as this is one of those cases that the biology shapes the psychology.

When you go to the priest or elder child of Elegua, they will most likely recognize you and which Orisha you have the most connection to right away.  They should recommend an Ifa, Afa, or other traditional African divination to confirm this.  Tell them about your dream, and they will interpret it for you, and if needed do readings to confirm that as well.  You may be given tasks at that point, as most traditional methods will tell you both what is going on and what ebbo or offerings should be done to solidify a blessing or prevent misfortunes as much as possible.

It’s good news if the Orisha is calling you home to them.  It does not matter at all if you are not Black.  We are all descended from people from Africa, and even some European pre Christian faiths are not too far from the Motherland.  If you have been called, you will be given instructions on how to be initiated to the Orisha.  You will not have to convert away from your current faith.  It just means that you have been given a gift to walk the path of a particular Angel, Saint, or Orisha.  It is similar to the experience of some girls who are called to become nuns.

Most people don’t need to be initiated though. When someone is called to a purpose, that purpose is not always to become an adherent of African spirituality. Sometimes it is to right a wrong that your ancestors committed that you are currently suffering or benefiting from at someone else’s expense. It may mean that you have reached a point in your spiritual journey that you are ready to level up, and reparations may be the next step for you.

Fairly Common Orisha Dreams

If your Orisha called himself Obatala or Olorun, or called himself God, but has an actual humanoid look, and you felt nothing but absolutely loved in the dream, then spiritually, that entity is the same as Jesus Christ.  You may have been touched by him specially so that you could de-politicize or de-Santa Claus other Christians or perhaps remind Pagans that Jesus himself is not their enemy.  This actually happens a lot.  Many are sorely traumatized by the wrong actions and craziness of Christians and Muslims, and reject Jesus and any lesser deity that reminds them of Jesus.  Where Vodun practitioners honor all avatars of the Supreme God including Jesus, many others do not, and this is a shame.  Man needs the idea of something that is greater than himself in order to improve himself.

Some martial artists get the call from Shango.  Once they’ve reached a certain level, it happens that some have a dream of fighting with him.  If one wins against Shango in the dream it means that they have gained a degree of self mastery that they should take the next step and actually become a warrior, not just a martial artist, in real life.  Somehow, they should take a position or post that will require they be ready to physically defend something.

If you dream of being a storm sweeping away trees and whatever is in your path, this is Oya.  Oya seldom actually shows her face, so the dream is usually that you are the storm or you are the only thing standing through a storm.  Some strong women have this dream.  If you are carrying a child or being followed by children in the dream, and they are not crying, then it means you should have children.

Oshun often reveals herself as a peacock, a woman in a flowing yellow dress, a young but stunning girl in a white dress with white shell beads in her hair, or a nude woman covered in honey.  If you are a man who works with metals or technology, and you see the nude woman covered in honey, it means you are working too hard or you have lost sight of what is important in life, and are being called like Ogun out of the forest.

Volcano dreams and dreams of being in a hot, barren wasteland where a very dark man takes your hand and tells you to follow him are Aganju dreams.  You need to travel and change your scenery, or you should not fear the unknown.

Other fairly common Orisha dreams are:

  • Dreams of a Black Jesus – an obviously very African man with white wooly hair who doesn’t necessarily say he’s Jesus, but you recognize him as such because it is the same Spirit.
  • Dreams of a Black or golden skinned Mary wearing a blue dress and a white or blue head scarf.
  • Dreams of an extremely pale but very strong looking man whose skin shines and his eyes are even white, with white hair, a white beard, wearing a long white robe.
  • Dreams of dancing with the sun and moon, and perhaps when you look down because your “feet” feel funny, you notice you have a fish tail or two fish tails instead of feet.
  • Dreams of a Siamese twin mermaid with a male and a female torso and heads.
  • Dreams of a red and black humanoid with a seahorse tail.
  • Dreams of departed relatives having a formal dinner with a strange man in a black suit and a top hat with purple accents.
  • Somewhat erotic dreams about a man or woman wearing red and black.
  • Dreams of being spanked with a red and black belt or stick that happen at a time when you are doing something you know is wrong.
  • Dreams of a woman in a long pink dress or robe crying that happen at a time you are thinking of being unfaithful.

The Orishas speak to everyone.  They don’t have a particular religious denomination or race.  They may appear to you as African looking people or as pale Europeans.  If you look at the art about them, they are represented in many colors.  So don’t freak out, just take the message.

There are many White people in Vodun.  We just like to think of them as light skinned. 😉

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


  1. I dont know if what im about to say has any meaning but i had a dream about 3 weeks ago that i was saying “elegua”. And also a dream of spiritual clensing with a bottle that contained fruits. I have been seeing the number 3 or 333 and i dont believe in coincidence if anyone can help me understand what is happening to me i would be greateful my email is shadaydiaz1986@gmail.com please no b.s. Thank you..

    • Cleansing with fruit could mean that you need a dietary change or else you may become ill. It could also be that you need to add something to your diet which will add something to your body and therefore brain chemistry that will open you to something you need to know.

      • AncientWetness23

        Sister your statement about having to go to men to receive the true answer as he is the gatekeeper is false the great great grandmother and her daughters are the more intuitive ones who are The Gatekeepers who do have access to the other worlds more than a man could for she has been here long before man man has infiltrated her Cosmic intuition and abilities yes and has become more intuitive in a sense but for you to say that really disregards the true nature of the ancient woman in the African indigenous diaspora. Ashe Mami Wata

        • I would like you to think long and hard about where you got that idea from…

          There is divinity in all, including men. Women do not have more or less divinity in them than men. In fact, humans don’t even have the most divinity of all the species on Earth. So it is arrogance to put women over men or men over women in any way spiritually. Besides, some men have a feminine head Orisha and some women have a masculine head Orisha.

          The putting women spiritually above men thing is un-African. Well, then again I suppose there might be one or two groups out there somewhere that went extinct because of unsustainable beliefs…I don’t know. However, in west African Vodun and central African spiritual systems, male and female, masculine and feminine, flow with one another or an equal basis. Each brings their special things to the table, and both are necessary.

          The myth of women reigning supreme or ruling the humanoid sector of the spirit realm came from Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy. She was basically a Russian aristocrat trying to justify her existence. She misinterpreted a lot of eastern philosophy and spirituality and made up myths that have had an extremely damaging effect on the spiritual and social sphere of humanity. The same place you got that “Isis unveiled” ubermama mythology from is the same place the Aryan race mythology that “white” supremacists use to justify their genocide fantasies got their myths from.

          So check yourself, sister. Reconnect with some actual African priests and priestesses in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Ghana. Division is an illusion.

          Blessings and Ashe!

          • Vianney J Martinez

            My name is Vianney Martinez. I’m Hispanic originally from Belize Central America. Last night I had a dream. Someone telling me something but I can’t remember what I do know they said to put a candle for Oshun. I had never dreamed of anything like that.

    • you need to get a reading that will throw elleguas shells on the mat by a santero/a

  2. I have been getting a strong pull towards the orisha faith, I somewhat feel a connection to it. I live in Trinidad and Tobago but this urge is not one of curiosity but one of awarness and yearning can you explain this.

  3. What happened?I got the good job but I didn’t get the man.email me I miss hearing from u.

    • I’m here, just have been extremely busy. In cases like this, as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The Orishas move things to set someone’s mind straight, but technically, they can resist. If they resist, things are bad for them, same as it would be bad for you to try to drink ice like water or put your hands in a fire not expecting to get burned. Still, some people are just that silly and maybe not worthy of your attention. So Oshun takes care of you because you respect her and her gifts.

  4. MY Dream. My Mom was there (she has passed) and we were at our old apartment..Mom was having a “party” and a friend of pops came as a singer..before he starts singing he says elegua is making an appearance and points to me and come to get me to dance…of course I refuse and leave to go to the middle room. sis and mom call me out to the living room. sis and bro are standing in the middle and mom makes me stand there as well. Then she marks me with paint or something The man stands up and starts the music and I begin to move and then start getting sick and bend over to throw up but i dont actually throw up..He takes me and puts me in his lap and blows cigar smoke in my mouth…and then I pass out when i awake I am wearing a blue dress and holding a small skull/head in my hand and then i wake up. I am Puerto Rican but I never practiced..my Grandmother was a priestess and my mom dabbled but never involved her children. I never went to a party..never too part in anything and my mother never really discussed.

  5. My Grandmother (wo has now passed away) was a Santera. She came to me in a dream, telling me that I am with Oshun. She gave me a little (minature) wagon to roll around my house, and a full yellow skirt was nearby. When she was alive she told me that I was the daughter of Shango. I would love to know what she is trying to tell me. If you can shed any light on this dream I would be greatful!

    Thank you!

  6. Also – I remember looking for my collares to show her.

  7. Hi l had a dream that l was in a house with high ceilings painted in white and the paint started to crack.l then went into a bath room and a voice pointed to a gray bottle on the tub mark “shango”, and told me to bath with it. But l didn’t touch the bottle.

  8. I have had many Orisha dreams in the past but this one lately been a very confusing one.
    I had dreams, where I met a man who looks EXACTLY like me, talks like me, moves like me and everything. But the difference is he claims he was born in Tanzania and is more upbeat than I.
    Hes claims to be pure black African despite looking like me (assuming that I’m Germanic descent or so I have been told) and we both have a love for music, but he’s not as humble like not listening to me when I help him and prone to hitting on my friends girlfriends (and boy does he know to sweep ladies off their feet) but results in my friends be in mad at me because they think he’s me.
    When we collab and make rap music, he has very bouncy staccato rhythm in a Swahili accent reminiscing of traditional tribal Orisha drums with the tightest rhymes and flow I ever heard.
    Yet he claims to have all the same problems I have despite hes actually like twice as better if not greater than me AT EVRYTHING.
    I keep asking him if he’s white, an he claims NO! I’m pure 100 Afrika/Nubian. And he asks me if I’m also Afrikan and I tell him I don’t know because as far as I know I’m white. Then he accuses me of lying to him.
    Despite that we are good friends but he seems like he is Elegbara in disguise since Elegbara was my first Orisha of choice first learning of him through the crossroads legacy of Robert Johnson (my favorite rapper ever *blues music*)
    I often ask my dream twin to learn from his style of music and he gives me vague answers like I don’t know or you don’t pay attention or things like oh well.
    But on he other hand, I have dreams of masked ghosts dancin in the forest around me with impish like laughs in a circle yelling transformation – sacrifice! You know what any of these mean?
    Helpful breakdown of meaningful insight would maybe give me a better direction. Thanks!

    • Eshu as Eshu comes from the Yoruba people, but remember that his hat has many colors…There are many gate keeper deities who have been forgotten by their people over the years. As a Germanic person, your Ancestors may have had one like the Nordic Heimdallr. Since we are all descended from Africans regardless of our current color, Eshu would sometimes be the one to help you to reconnect with your roots and open the gate, regardless of your color. It happens. Perhaps Eshu is telling you that it is time for you to make some serious moves towards your greatness. You will have to make some sacrifices to transform. If I were you, I would get to work before you start having dreams about Oya too. 😉

    • Last night I had a dream about a mother and her child being in trouble then i saw a dark-skinned woman wearing blue with a crown and i went up to her and I was going to ask her to bless me and the mother and child and before i could say anything she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Yes” and then I started feeling emotional.

  9. Dream with chango I’m pretty sure it was him. He came down from the sky and the was als a big hand coming down from the sky. He was talking to me switching from man to Woman. He was telling me I need to fight to be a warrior. There was another man who never said a word sitting by him.
    He started talking about my daughter, he said that when she understands she need to pray to all Orishas she will be a healer. What could it mean?

  10. I dreamed of a dark man, standing at the foot of my bed. He was trying to tell em something, but I freaked out until he left Years earlier I dreamed a young dark skinned girl standing in the same spot. these dreams were real and disturbing. Not frightening… But I can remember them as if it happened last night

  11. Hello I’m a indigenous male from Australia I work as a welder with metal I had a vision last week of a colourful realm beyond what words could describe and a women in a yellow dress would open up the coluorful realm tEmerge from a blackness and dance she was emerging and reemerging

    • Hello Dang 🙂 The intense colorful realm sounds like Damballah Wedo and Ayida Wedo, and the woman in the yellow dress sounds like Oshun. Many times, Oshun is like a diplomat who reaches out to people. I would recommend that you get an Ifa reading as soon as possible, to find out who your head Orisha is. It is helpful whether or not you choose to actually practice a traditional African or diaspora belief system.

  12. Hello,
    a few months ago I had a dream of an ex boyfriend (son of Ogun) holding Eleggua. Then a few days later I dreamt that I was at a beach and I saw two toddlers, one boy wearing all white clothing and the girl wearing a pretty yellow dress. Last week, I dreamt that I was holding a little girl in my arms and a beatiful woman wearing silver bells and a flowing blue dress approach us and said that the child was gorgeous. I am puzzled by all these dreams, and I wonder what they mean. *Sorry for my English*

  13. I had a dream of clearing out the remnants of an apartment of a person whom I dislike. The person was not there in his place was a former “friend ” who maligned me as I attempted to help him. We ran across a large elongated wooden plaque with Shango wearing a crown and in clothes I interpreted as one wearing for battle. I asked my “friend” if I could take this with me and he, in turn phoned the former tenant and was told I could not.can anyone help me interpret this dream? I know I belong to the house as my grandmother came to me in a dream and told me so. Help

  14. Hi my name is Michael I live in Trinidad W.I. and I had a dream this morning that I went to a beach that seamed more like a shallow river no higher than ankle hight with clear running water under a bridge, I went to change in a small room where I took out a handful of tiny toys and an american foot ball an toss them into the shallow clear water, when I looked into the sea I can see young women accompanying friends in small groups and pairs, and 1 in particular holding a very old woman all exiting the water wet, however the toys sank beneath the shallow water that now seemed pitch black and the American football pointed edge floated facing me and a face similar to Elegua stared directly at me with short hazel brown hair, (I was wearing only a black hooded jacket in the dream) the water seemed extremely deep now like looking out into the deep ocean from the seashore, I couldn’t see the tiny toys I tossed into the water a few feet ahead of me and the entire volume of water seemed pitch black I immediately returned the the room to get dressed and headed for home.
    I arrived home to meet a grey and white cat the size if a small dog, strangely I bowed toward the cat which was just sitting there an placed my forehead on his before heading to bed, my bedroom was cold the cat entered the room and rubbed on my hand that hung off the edge of the bed before joining me, I immediately felt warm before waking up.

  15. I had a dream that I was sitting on the floor talking to a heavy dark skinned man dressed in a white African styled robe when a very tall beautiful African woman with her hair braided came into the room with a very large shinning machete and began to shave all the hair from my head and body. She did it with such delicate care it was almost erotic. The blade was so sharp she could have easily cut me or took my life with one wrong move but she didn’t. After she finished shaving me I laid on the floor like a baby wrapped in white baby clothes glowing and extremely weak. Anyone have any thoughts on this dream?

  16. I had a dream one night my friend took me to a santeria in Cuba and she told me that her spirits would not see me because of what my sons father was doing to me. Then the next night I had a dream with a gold knife with Santa Barbara. A silver orb with cocaine inside and a picture of my sons father right next to it. What?

    • Thank you for your question, Vane. 🙂 Normally, I would charge for dream interpretation to seal the contract, but in this case I’ll make an exception because of the timing. I haven’t been able to do divination consistently because things are kind of busy, so I’m late answering this comment. It may be an emergency by now.

      Santa Barbara is an honored Ancestor who has the power of lightning. She has been associated with Shango or other lightning deities. A golden knife or sword, that represents a pursuit of, or battle for something related to wealth. A silver ball, especially one that is smooth and symmetrical, represents success or accomplishment of something. If it is full of coke, that would mean someone has successfully gained either literal cocaine or something related to it such as confidence, energy, weight loss, or celebration/reason to celebrate. The problem is that if Santa Barbara is holding a knife, it means that some disaster is about to happen that will strike down whatever was accomplished. Since gold and silver are very conductive of electricity, this should be considered a warning.

      If your ex is not actually in the coke business, it could be that whatever other work he does will be ruined by someone who is using cocaine (or some other uppers like too much caffeine or methamphetamine). This happens a lot more often than one would think. Truckers and others who work long hours rely heavily on caffeine and sometimes epidrine. Many people are using a lot of ADHD drugs. These can have serious side effects for some people, including but not limited to damage of the liver and other organs. Basically, the dream means that something bad that could ruin him financially, will happen because of stimulants. You should at least warn him somehow.

  17. I had learned about Santería in my trip to Cuba this past June, where I learned only basic information. Although part of what I had learn called out to me I never acknowledged those feelings. However, I had a powerful experience last night.I had a dream I was in a black room on a bed and blood began to flow out from underneath. I was overwhelmed by redness of the blood so I wanted to escape. However I ended up running through it to an open window . Though the window came a man made of earth and obsidian. He spoke to me in a language I did not understand, yet after his words I was filled with fear. I knew that I had met him before and that he knew me. The terror in my heart caused me to turn back and jump out the window into another room that was filled with heat. When I felt this heat my terror subsided. Even so, I left the place and woke with a start. I often have many dreams in different levels of detail, but never have I felt such a strong emotion as I did last night.

  18. Zenia Marsha Jenkins

    Obatala appeared to me in my dream. I tried to ignore him by opening my eyes but he clicked his mouth and called my attention. I saw him again and then I woke up at 3:00. Isn’t this the witching hour?

  19. I had a dream that mini statues of all the Orishas were standing upright on my bed. I was looking for the Oshun statue but I mixed her name with Yemaya. I found her though amongst the statues. I don’t know how they got there but I wanted to place them on my dresser or shelf but I wasn’t sure if there was a certain way to place them and I wanted to be respectful. Then I woke up.

    I don’t know much about Orishas except that once some years ago someone had told me that Oshun was my Saint but at the moment I needed Yemaya for guidance. I didn’t follow up with it though and haven’t give it much thought but this dream made me feel. I don’t know if that makes sense

  20. Oh I forgot there was a male statue named Obeah and a female statue with a similar name but feminized. I dont know why that stands out to me but I dont know all the names of the Orishas

  21. If u dream a voice whisper oshun goddess choose u what does it mean ?

  22. In 2001 I went to my mom’s early childhood homeland in AL. This is where her grandparents lived. Beautiful country. Quiet. We went for church homecomings and a school reunion. One night there I had a very vivid and vibrant dream. In this dream there was a man in the center circle . He was dressed in some red shift that showed his thighs and chest and arms. His skin was dark and smooth. His face LOL his face was painted white with red painted lips. I was dancing with him…. He tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. Shoved him. He laughed. Told me a few things… then I woke up. Fast forward to 2013, I had surgery and was wrapped up in such a way that I started looking for mermaids. That’s when I came across Yemayá. Then I I saw other Orishas (my first time ever). Then I saw an image that looked JUST LIKE the one I danced with!! Blew my mind! LOL I don’t know much about such entities. I don’t know how we connected then so I don’t know if or how I would ever now.

  23. Hello sheloya!
    I was wondering if you could help me with a dream I had?
    Well before hand the day before this dream I mentioned to my mother how I wanted to start bying and bringing the orishas into our house and i had mention oshun, chango, and elgua first to get
    Then the next night
    In the dream my family and I had moved I to a new home which later to find out was being haunted by a male demon who I could vaguely see. I went to get help from a lady the lady asked chango for assistance where he then appeared next the demon and he was dressed in red and started dancing with something in both hands and took the demon away … when I woke up i read a bit about him and when I saw his picture it’s matched also I didn’t know he was know for dancing

    Another time which was actually months ago my mother and I were in a botanica with orisha on shelfs and I guess Jamaican accessories displayed aswell, well my mother picked out a yellow dressed doll like thingy that she fell in love with and the man in the store explain that it was oshun and that is was ment for her? Or a good reason why she picked it?

    I don’t know if these are just dreams or of they men anything or if you would need more info?

    Any answer will be apriciated! 🙂

  24. Hello. I had a dream with a black woman she was young very beautiful wearing a yellow dress with an African big hat. Sorry I don’t know how this called.. She was glowing.. I was looking for my spirit animal those days and I had that dream.. I asked a random guy about my dream and he said that was a goddess.. I research Oshun and story characteristics and found it very accurate with me.. Any idea if means anything?

  25. I had a dream I was in a market and spoke to a women, we had a conversation about religion, it was going well. I left the market and someone came up to me in the dream and said how dare you speak to her, she is a yodun priestess. In the dream I kept spitting out corn husks here and there. It was strange to me, but the women in the dream I could tell was important.

  26. Hello..i had a dream some months ago…a black woman with yellow dress and an african yellow hat..she was standing up and glowing ..and her feet were some inche over the ground..she was very beautiful…she was inside a practice voodoo room .something like that…i research it on google and i found her name oshun…but i am white and i have never read or heard about african religions…yesterday i had a dream with waters and a woman again with yellow dress walking the waters.. i don’t remember if it was me or other woman…any idea what it means or what should i do now?

  27. I had a dream that I wasin a building and was confronted in a dark room by a spirit trying to scare me and then the spirit said to me I see you are a santera moe and you have no fear. I awoke instantly. It was vivid. I recently received my elekes and warriors. What could this dream mean?

  28. Can someone please help me I want to know why the name elegua comes to my mind I didn’t know what it was until I Googled it I’m not scared of Santeria I’ve always felt attracted to it since a young age but never have I gone and looked up information can someone please help me is this bad news or what’s the meaning

  29. Hey. I have dream before of Oshun, Obatala, and Osoosi standing in front of a river calling me. Obatala was speaking to me in another language. The reason I know their names I looked up their clothes colors.

  30. I had a dream 2 nights about about This woman dressed in blue with a crown walking on the ocean. I just thought “wow she is so beautiful, wow, look at her walking on the ocean waters like its nothing- the way jesus would. Is this real?” then I woke up. I’ve been trying to figure out what it means, or whats the message. And who is it? I think it was Yemanja.

  31. Dream of women in white, older black women that are at an outside shop. They are always nice and always want to help me and I feel at peace around them. Dreamed this twice and it’s like they are always waiting for me there to help me but It’s not to buy anything. They are just hanging out there and walking around and smiling at me and I feel peace and not scared

  32. Hello my name pedro and i wanted to speak about my dreams. about 2 months ago i was dreaming about me in a class room somewhere in africa i was the only light skinned person there. it was some type of show and tell and the teacher was passing out orisha statues. the teacher showed the class the chango statue and i immediately grabbed the chango statue fell down on the floor and started prasing him. all of a sudden the statue got really big and i was rocking back and fourth with my face on the floor. then drumming music came on it got dark and i started jumping on all the desk in the class. i was stomping my feet sticking my chest out and really into the music. then i think i seen ogun beacause there was somone with a sword pasting back and fourth in the background. long story short i walked into what it seemed like the pricipals office with a lot of light and ogun was following me i look back and he was there smiling at me and he walked into the light. at first i was creeped out but i felt really conforting when he put his hand on my shoulder

  33. Gerald Dewayne Donelson

    I use to have Shango come to me as a kid, I use to be so afraid that I would stay up all night. Even have dreams of running from him. I wish someone would have told me this then.

  34. I’m not sure if you still respond to these but I have a question:

    Yesterday, I was visited by a woman in a pink dress. One year ago on June 28th (my wedding anniversary) I found out my husband was having an affair. Just now, as I was falling asleep, I was visited by a man in red hat and he called himself Elegua. In December after my grandfather passed, I had a dream of my relatives at a table with the man you described above.

    Does any of this mean anything? I just learned about the Orisha’s a week ago after constantly dreaming of Yemaya for weeks and never knowing who it was, but it seems like I’ve been visited by them often.

  35. Hi, I had a very erotic dream where I was referred to as daughter of Oshun, and told that my womb has been cleansed like the ocean by this man I was in bed with, he didn’t sleep with me, he inserted some herbs in me and said now your womb has been cleansed daughter of oshun and he left, next thing a women was watching me with an apprentice women talking about how I will out the whole morning, I got freaked out and I woke up…also I have been seeing numbers 1111,222,333,555,777,888,999 etc all around for months…I am south african black young women have never hear of oshun before, can someone interpret this..email nosipho.work@gmail.com

  36. I had a dream
    Of oshun I’m here because I know nothing about this and the dream was so intense , In the dream my brother was calling out oshun I told him to be careful and not play around like that ,later in that dream she approached me as it seem to battle I was scared because she was walking up to me fiercely she through a glass cup at me they were testing me to see if I can break this glass it was unbreakable until my 5th attempt I broke it and oshun and people that were surrounding her were all surprised like they had doubtme . For some reason I knew if I wasn’t able to break that glass It wouldn’t have been good idk for what but that’s what I felt, after that happened I ended up in a paradise looking place that was very peaceful and was greeted to what it seem like a community but felt like family and also greeted by huge lions surrounding me to protect me

  37. I have a dream where Ochun appeared and sat next to me. She was extremely beautiful, funny and caring. It appeared she was trying to do a reading for me but I can barely make out the words she was speaking to me. I’ve always been connected to her since I was a child.

  38. Lately I have been drawn towards Oya and have been reading a lot about her life and what she represents. I’m not sure where this obsession came from. Then the other night I dreamt I was seeing a former lover who I used to be very inlove with and we both ended up very good friends after breaking up. Anyway, I was with him and something lead me to walk out and it was pouring rain, it was Windy and if I could recall there was lightening. I was lead into a house where I seen my father and stepmother both children of yemaya and I turned around and seen this beautiful African women with long blackcurly hair and wrapped around her head was a red cloth with red beads but she wore white and my sister was following her as if she was helping her. This African women began to pour some kind of clear liquid on me I want to say it was perfume but it was thick and she was telling me to make sure to rub this liquid on every part of my body and not to miss any areas. She really focused around the bottom half of my body as if it had to do with my reproductive system. My lady parts, my child baring areas.

  39. I had a dream that the orisha shango was dancing for me in the rain and it was thundering as well. He had me sit on a chair so that I can watch him dance. It was so vivid. Can you tell me what that means? Thank you. ?

  40. Okay… So i had a dream where i was in what looked to be a garden with a river flowing through it. There was a woman in yellow dancing with shells on her fingers that sounded as bells. I joined her in her dancing and when we were done she reached out her hand to me. When i touched her hand a surge of pure energy went through my body waking me up. I shook for hours after waking. And not in a bad way. I felt as though i was overflowing with love and joy and all things good in the world. Now mind you, i have not done much study in yoruba and on the orishas. But after this dream i started studying the gods and goddesses and i feel like Oshun was revealing herself to me. Reading about her feels like i am reading about myself. Could she be my head Orisha?

    • It’s a possibility, but you would need Ifa, Afa, or some other traditional divination to find out for certain. Oshun is one of the most prolific heads, but this is partly because she has so much influence in the daily lives of humans and partly because the physical shrines and temples of many Orishas have been destroyed. When this happens, the egbe (initiates of a specific Orisha) migrate to another temple, and in Nigeria egbe Oya and a few others are now hosted by the temple of Oshun in some areas. So Oshun’s influence is far reaching to the point that dreaming of her or being called by her could mean a lot of things, not necessarily that she is one’s head. She, Shango, and Eshu and similar deities are the most extroverted personas in the region’s pantheons, so they will often be the ones beckoning people.

  41. I’m not a practitioner, and I have no real familiarity with the religion. I do have knowledge of Brazilian traditions through Santo Daime, though that is limited.

    I’m asking here about a very intense dream I had that involved several feminine archetypes. There was a redhead ‘scarlet’ woman who was very seductive, there was a kindly and firm ‘abuela’ with silver hair who intervened on my behalf, there was a mother who found me in her house and was fiercely protective of her two sons. All of them wore white dresses.

    In the last part of the dream, I was walking with the abuela’s family down a tree lined boulevard next to a very stately, very beautiful young Brazilian woman, also dressed in white. She turned to me and her face was so intensely beautiful as to be frightening. I asked her why she was there and she said “I am here because I have always loved you. I have always loved the way you have looked at me.” I started shaking and said ” I know who you are, you are Yemanja…” I was in awe. At which point she laughed and said “I am called many things. You may call me that if you wish.” She seemed perfectly innocent and girlish but also eternal somehow.

    At the end of the dream we were sitting on a stone bench by a river watching mariachi musicians play on boats. Very festive and silly. I was holding her hand and kept kissing it. She just looked at me with deep contentment with her fathomless eyes.

    No idea if this is real, or just a fantasy I concocted. Your opinion is welcome.

  42. I dreamt I was resting under a tree, the tree was by itself. A woman floated down from the sky, powerful with eyes glowing white. She was terrifying and beautiful at the same time. She spoke in a strange language and her voice was full of power. She struck me with her power and my body was filled with it and my sight full of light, I felt electrified but no pain. She kept speaking, towering over me. She struck me 3 times and I woke. Her face was so beautiful but wild and fierce, almost scary. It felt she was commanding me to do something but I’m not sure. The dream was very clear and I can feel the sensation of the energy she struck my body with when I think of it and hear echoes of her voice.

    • That sounds like Oya or some other feminine or non binary storm deity. Storm deities are usually very tied to an area’s geographic features so most likely, there is an ancestor reaching out to balance something. You’ll want to talk to a spiritual person you trust about getting into communication with your benevolent ancestors, and sooner the better. You’re being influenced by these things whether you accept and address them or not. The best way to have any say in things at all is to accept, address, and align.

      Blessings in your journey! Ashe!

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