When you have an Oshun and/or Aje Shaluga working in progress…

love working Oshun is the west African Orisha/Goddess of joy, prosperity, romantic love, and the sweetness of life.  Aje Shaluga is one of her husbands (or wives, depending on your tradition), and the owner of all material wealth and currency.  Many if not most workings or spells for love and prosperity call upon Oshun, and if material wealth is involved, Aje Shaluga as well.

When you go to a priest/ess or root worker for assistance in these matters, sometimes they will give you a nkisi that you are supposed to attend to or just keep safely, and sometimes they keep it with them.  Most of the time, these don’t require too much maintenance, but sometimes they do.  Sometimes this is unknown, and one has to wait and see whether or not Oshun will require more than the initial offerings.

With matters of the heart and with market forces, there are ups and downs though.  From time to time, there is a weird year or out of the ordinary weather or astronomical phenomena which mean that the relay between the root worker and the seeker will need to be strengthened.  More will need to be done by both in order for workings to be more effective and in a timely manner.

Generally, workings done with a female beneficiary or target take three lunar months to come to fruition.  Workings with a male beneficiary or target take a season (6 to 7 months).  What a season is depends on their local weather patterns.  Even though they take awhile to finish, something should move within a week or two of the offerings to Oshun and/or Aje Shaluga.  Various incidents should also indicate that the Spirits are on the move and have actively put their hands to the matter.

If things are exceptionally weird or there is stagnation for too long, this could be an indication of a blockage or too much chaos.  Although this has no effect on the final outcome, they can cause way too much anxiety that could lead to a blockage where there wasn’t one initially.  In order to smooth things out, the seeker should give small offerings to increase their own personal bond with the Spirits.

Because of privacy concerns, you may not be able to make an altar at home.  The good news is that most Vodun/Obeah/Santeria types are masters of stealth.  There were times in history when if we were caught, we’d be tortured and executed in horrible ways.  So we learned well how to give observances to our Orishas/Gods secretively.

In order to open the way to give offerings to other Orishas, you must give some to Eshu.  Fortunately, Eshu does not require more ceremony than directed thoughts and speaking one of his names or titles three times.  You can leave or bury offerings for Eshu at any crossroads/intersection, the inside corner of forked roads, or between two houses or buildings, in the doorway or entrance of a gateway, or believe it or not, your home trash can so long as it is to the left of a doorway or in a corner.  You can also give a small portion of your meals to Eshu first by tossing it to the left or out the front door or entrance to the left.

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


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  2. Interested in Oshun
    Great job

  3. I just happened upon this page seeking more knowledge of African Spirituality. I just love it! It is by far the most thorough information I have read.

    My Orisha is Oshun, she chose me I did not choose her but she resonates with my spirit and we share alot of the same traits.

    I did a money spell today and I offered Oshun honey, a vanilla incense with a bit of ginger, cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg sprinkled on it and the rest was left in it’s tin on her altar. I also burned a cinnamon incense. And I sprayed some sweet perfume around her altar as well.

    I mediated and talked with her while playing some traditional Oshun African music. I also read my petition to her, folded it up and placed it on her altar.

    I did thank Oludumare, Obatala and Papa Legba for allowing me to commune with Oshun but I did not know I had to give Papa Legba an offering as well.

    I didn’t use a root worker, there are none where I live. From what I have told you will you tell me please if how I went about my work was good? I feel confident but I would appreciate your input. I apologize for this post being so long. Thank you.

  4. Great article, you made it very simple and to the point! Blessings!

  5. I was wondering what offerings I can give to Oshun in the bath tub

  6. I would like to get to know Oshun and evoke her presence so that I can capture my feminine energy that once had. I know with her guidance it will allow me to be woman I need to be. Unfortunately, I reside with my mother in her and i dont want disrupt her domain and plus the energy isnt right where i live. What are some other ways that I can go about connecting to Oshun? I do have a root worker which i will be contacting her soon for a bath.

  7. Thank you for this…They sent me to your page…

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