When you have an Oshun and/or Aje Shaluga working in progress…

Helping the Orishas to Help You

When it comes to money, it is very important that when the Orishas bring you opportunities when the work is active, take them.  If you’re not sure about a particular one, get a reading to see if it’s okay.  Generally though, opportunities should be taken as they come.  Sometimes you may have to step a bit outside your comfort zone or do something you’re good at whether or not it’s what you want to do at the moment.

In love as well, it’s very hard for the Orishas to help you if you won’t help yourself.  If they bring someone you love to you or back to you and you mistreat them or settle for a less than positive situation, then it is your fault, not the root worker or the Orishas’ fault that the working goes south.

Don’t behave as if you’re okay in the friend zone when you’re not.  If you’re a man, be territorial and stake your claim.  “My way or the highway,” is the proper male attitude.  If you’re a woman, then your attitude should be submissive but in a hard core way.  Make it clear that you want a relationship in which you can trust a man enough to be a good girlfriend or wife, not a “friend with benefits”.  FWB, unless it happens naturally between people who are already long term friends with a history of “ride or die” trust, is not a natural situation so the Orishas aren’t going to help sustain that.

In summary, to help your love and/or money spell to work well, you should:

  1. give offerings
  2. stay positive
  3. don’t pester your root worker with your negative feelings, but DO give them actual news about the situation
  4. follow the root worker’s instructions for your conduct
  5. take opportunities the Orishas give you

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


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  2. Interested in Oshun
    Great job

  3. I just happened upon this page seeking more knowledge of African Spirituality. I just love it! It is by far the most thorough information I have read.

    My Orisha is Oshun, she chose me I did not choose her but she resonates with my spirit and we share alot of the same traits.

    I did a money spell today and I offered Oshun honey, a vanilla incense with a bit of ginger, cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg sprinkled on it and the rest was left in it’s tin on her altar. I also burned a cinnamon incense. And I sprayed some sweet perfume around her altar as well.

    I mediated and talked with her while playing some traditional Oshun African music. I also read my petition to her, folded it up and placed it on her altar.

    I did thank Oludumare, Obatala and Papa Legba for allowing me to commune with Oshun but I did not know I had to give Papa Legba an offering as well.

    I didn’t use a root worker, there are none where I live. From what I have told you will you tell me please if how I went about my work was good? I feel confident but I would appreciate your input. I apologize for this post being so long. Thank you.

  4. Great article, you made it very simple and to the point! Blessings!

  5. I was wondering what offerings I can give to Oshun in the bath tub

  6. I would like to get to know Oshun and evoke her presence so that I can capture my feminine energy that once had. I know with her guidance it will allow me to be woman I need to be. Unfortunately, I reside with my mother in her and i dont want disrupt her domain and plus the energy isnt right where i live. What are some other ways that I can go about connecting to Oshun? I do have a root worker which i will be contacting her soon for a bath.

  7. Thank you for this…They sent me to your page…

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