Oba Incense:

Very little is known or remembered about Oba, so in and outside of Africa, we are doing our best with what we have.  This recipe has been acceptable in my family’s practice, so I am sharing it.  As with everything else, feel free to share your experiences with what works for you in the comments.

  • 3 star anise seeds for Eshu.
  • a handfull of copal.
  • a handfull finely chopped or powdered (as well as possible) pink tea roses.
  • a tablespoon basil.
  • a pinch of garlic.
  • 1 finely chopped or powdered bay leaf.
  • 1/4 cup dried, crushed (as well as possible) okra seeds.
  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan or Senegalese pink salt or Hawaiian red salt (for protection).
  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika.

Crush these in a mortar and pestle or hand crank food processor.  Keep them in a pretty covered bowl or jar.  It should look crafty and cute, and have pink and blue.

Oba Devotional Oil:

  • 6 seeds star anise, cracked, not crushed, for Eshu.
  • 1 liter olive oil.
  • 1 dried clove of garlic.
  • 1 bay leaf.
  • a handfull of tea roses.
  • a teaspoon of dried basil.
  • 1 small sweet red pepper seed area with the seeds.
  • a teaspoon pink or red salt.

Put all the dry ingredients in a jar or bottle, and pour over the olive oil.  Give it a good shake with happy energy.  Consecrate, and then keep in a cool, dry, and dark place for at least 3 months, but preferably 8.

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


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  2. Some oriates know how to crown Obba directly. Most do not. I was crowned direct in September, not through Oshuns mysteries. I am a newly iniated priestess of Obba. Obba is a queen. The perfect woman, that did not know it. Oshun is actually her best friend. Depending on the writer, in most stories, it is Oya who tricked her.

    Obba was in fact pretty, sensous, and a fighter. She was intelligent, taught the other Orishas to read and use the sword. Her first choice in marriage was actually Babaluaye, not Shango. However, Shango was chosen.

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  5. Greetings,

    I would first like to thank you for sharing the information you have about Oba or Obba. (Please let me know the correct spelling of her name).

    Majority of the people who meet me automatically assume that I am a child of Ochun. However, I feel that Ochun does not like me at all because I have never experienced someone loving me in a romantic way, or someone truly appreciating my beauty. Also my life was extreemly hard everyting I have I had work extreemly hard for.

    After reading the story of how Ochun tricked Oba to cut off her ear in order to please Shango I thought the following:

    a) Like Oba – I often people please. I am often very desperate to have someone like me, notice me, or appreciate me. Although I have never mutilated my body I can relate to the symbolic gesture.

    b) I also think I may be a child of Oba because Ochun seem to really hate Oba out of jealousy or insecurities. Ochun did not care about the consequences and the pain she subjected Oba to (loneliness, destroying love etc). I think that is why Ochun has done all she cold to blocked love, joy, sex etc from entering my life.

    Question if Ochun is suppose to be about love, beauty, joy etc. How could she do something so cruel, unfair, and ugly? From the story I read Oba was simply being Oba. She was not being intentially mean to Ochun. It was Ochuns insecurities that made her act that way.

    Like Oba, I just live my life with the spirit God blessed me with. Many women become very jealous, insecure around me and act hateful. When I am clean. I did no wrong to them. But they hate and curse anyway. I will not put out my light (Blessings) in order for them to shine.

    I think Oba attributes is love. Oba loves love with passion from her heart and soul. Pure love not to be confused with lust, sex, etc like Ochun. But unconditional love from one soul to another. Her love is undying and she gives her all for those she loves. Be good to her and many blessings will happen in your life. I think Oba’s need to be very careful not to be consumed by other peoples drama. Oba’s need to think more with their mind oppose to their hearts although it can be very difficult. Oba’s need to make sure that she does not become an enabler and create healthy boundarie in love and wile helping others. She is excellent in budgeting, she likes good quality at affordable prices. Because she likes to look good (and her children to look good) she may have excellent sewing skills, and jewelry designer wearing natural stones.

    For men who encounter a woman with Oba’s energy I suggest that you step up your game. Treat her like a lady at all times. No cursing, arrive on time, bring gifts of flowers, perfume or gifts that are sentimental. Oba is constantly on a budget. Although she is not materialistic everyone likes to be treated with something special. Unlike Ochun Oba does not want to see you broke. So put your heart into the gift. Oba is not looking for a 1 night stand, jump off etc. You win Oba heart by demonstrating that you love her unconditionally. And that you are seeking marriage and mean it. Each day appreciate her for all she does. This makes her feel secure in the relationship and she will never leave and in return she will treat you very good that you will never want to leave. Show her that you can be a good provider, husband and father. That you can fix things around the house. Fix cars etc
    Also, share spirituality with her. Oba is beautiful, sensul and good woman. Dont take her for granted.

    I honestly do not know why she is not embrassed and celebrated. It takes a strong (mentally, physically, spiritually) woman to raise remarkable children to be future leaders with good morals and charactor especially in these times.

    I love Oba. I hope to find someone who is more knowledgable about her. I would like to know which Orisha “claim me”. I love and respect each one. From what I read there is a need for them all. Especially when they are operating on a high frequence towards good for all mankind.

  6. Child of…… Hello… I’m a child of Oshun and I would like to explain her to you. You see- she is complicated, giving and taking as she pleases- and you should already know- all love is madness. It is a primel force of nature- like all other.

    In some patakis Oshun takes away all the power of the other Orishas to do their work. She steals the secrets of divination from Exu or Obatala- her own father… but for those on her good side- she cares for very well… beauty, fame… money and joy, yes romantic death gripping love.

    I have an Oba mother… she is very difficult and complexed and very much loved. But, My Oshuness and her Obaness do not mix very well. She wants a clean house with almost nothing- very zen and white. My golden room with lots of vitrines containing My Zuni fetish colection for example buffles her…

    anyway- have divination made to see which is your head. Shelloya is very good at this.


  7. Greetings!

    I am quickly writing to say a BIG thank you for having this website here. I am a freelance writer who got tapped by someone to write some articles about Candomble, one article of which is about Oba. You are absolutely correct: there is practically nothing significant out there about Oba, sadly, and I have done SO many Google searches with various key words. I kept getting the same old story: Oba is tricked by either Oya or Oshun and Oba ends up exiled because of the trick. It was not until I did a search specifically about Oba’s “feast days,” colors, etc that I finally found THIS blog!

    I humbly thank you for putting this information out there, whether you’re someone on the path of one of the diaspora belief systems, or simply an article writer like me who loves to know more about relatively obscure faith paths. 😉 (I identify as a Druid, myself)

    Bless you all!

  8. I think I want to knw more about OBA. Who can put me thru here?


  10. I have been studying Oba for several months now and I have learned a lot about this beautiful Orisha (thank you for all that you have shared), however i can’t find any prayers for her. I have small Adimu shrines for the Orishas with prayers and offerings for all except her shrine. Do you have any prayers or Orikis devoted to Oba?

    Baba James Hunter

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