Vodun F.A.Q. – What Is The Difference Between African Divination and Psychic Readings?

2005 Iswa art about learning through ancestral connection.

 First and foremost, “psychic” abilities are completely unnecessary in African spirituality. Divination does not require any special superhuman or paranormal powers at all. Traditional numerical forms of divination are based on a lexicon of legends, stories, proverbs, and lineage and historical records. The landing of the nuts, seeds, stones, or…

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What methods of divination are suitable for African spirituality? | Vodun F.A.Q.

Though Orunmila or a similar deity is in charge of all divination methods, the traditional African methods are the only ones that can offer traditional African information. What that means is that Ifa, Afa, and other forms of authentic, indigenous African methods of divination are the only way that today…

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