Obatala Incense:

  • the contents of one vanilla bean for Eshu.
  • a handful of frankincense.
  • a handful of myrrh, copal, or benzoin.
  • about a fingertip sized chunk of alum.
  • a good tablespoon of white sandalwood.
  • a good tablespoon of aloeswood.
  • a dash of sea salt.
  • a few drops of rose absolute or attar of roses.

Crush in a mortar and pestle to your desired level of chunkiness.  Burn in the highest safe place possible that you can get to.

Obatala Oil

Plain cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil is good, but you can make a very nice good smelling special Obatala oil.

  • 3 coffee beans for Eshu.
  • 1 liter of olive oil.
  • a handful of sandalwood chips or powder.
  • a handful of aloeswood chips.
  • a fingertip sized chunk of jasmine wax or a handful of dried jasmine flowers.
  • a handful of tea roses.
  • a good tablespoon of rosemary.
  • a half teaspoon celery seed.

Put in the coffee beans, and then the rest of the dry ingredients.  Pour the oil over all, and give it a good shake.  Keep in a cool, dark, but high place for at least 3 months.

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