What is a Ndoki?

Ndoki is the Lingala word for magic, but in other languages it also means Spirit or mystical being.  Lately, in places that have adopted a eurocentric style of Christianity, it is being used for demons.

In the eurocentric Christianity, any Spirit or mystical/extradimensional/alterdimensional being that is not God, an Angel, or human is considered a demon, and this is quite unfortunate.  For this reason, many children who are mentally challenged, ill, or simply independent thinkers have been accused of demonic possession and put through physically and emotionally damaging exorcisms.  I myself endured such a session of madness when I was 11 years old.

Most eurocentric Christians have the notion that they somehow operate outside the rules of Nature spiritually if not physically.  Indeed the Spirits can protect us and intervene on our behalf if we don’t get in their way or if we honor them, but this is within Nature, not outside of it.  The Spirits are part of Nature.

However, Nature does not play favorites and the innocent do suffer because of the actions of the guilty.  If a parent or leader of a community or nation commits a grave injustice or has offended Nature and God in some way, it is their children or followers who may pay the price.  Children are generally more sensitive to the Spirits because they are fresher from the Ancestors and do not have the same prejudices and hardness that adults generally do.

When a Ndoki speaks to or through a child, it is usually to warn people of some danger or to reveal some dark secret or because the parents have in a way sacrificed the child for something.  At some times though, it is the antics of a particular “evil” or punisher Spirit.  In many cases inthe Christian community it is that the parents have sacrificed the child to Balzvuv (Beelzebub).

Balzvuv is the Hebrew name for a demon whose specialty is creating chaos and conflict.  He could be viewed in some senses as an Angel (or fallen Angel if you subscribe to the biblical version of how demons came to be demons) who carries out an Eshu like punishment for human hubris.  His tactic is to pretend to be God and convince people to do bad things.  If the parents fall for the deception or follow someone who is serving Balzvuv, then their children are often plagued by his legions.

On the other hand, the children who are more spiritually strong and gifted will battle against these forces and attempt to warn or save the parents and community.  Their suffering and struggles are often misinterpreted, and the parents or community leaders who are afraid of being outed as servants of Balzvuv or at least hypocrites if they are still unaware of who exactly they are serving, will attempt to remove the child’s guardians or break down their resistance.

I would venture that the vast majority of supposed exorcisms on children of eurocentric Christians are simply attempts to bring the children under the influence of Balzvuv.  The childrens’ purity of spirituality is threatening to them, so they try to force the child to accept the christ that is not Christ and the god who is not God.  In many cases though, it is just a show to make Balzvuv playing the fake god look more powerful.  He and his legions create problems and solve them to fight boredom and complaicancy and convince the deceived that they must be right.

Getting back to Vodun and diaspora systems, ndoki can also be a term for Spirits or alter/extradimensional persons with specific duties or places.  They may be guardians or friends.  A ndoki may live in or be attached to a particular tree or stone or person.

In some traditions, they may be dispatched to punish or curse someone.  In such cases, the target has done something wrong, and the ceremony is to essentially give spiritual permission for the ndoki to attack them.  Steps must be followed to give them clearance.

I cannot reveal how to do this, as this is something that only adepts and the initiated should do or know how to do.  Just understand two things: if a child is attacked, it is because of the sins of the parents or leaders, and if an adult is attacked, it is because they did something to deserve it.

If you are being attacked by a ndoki, then the way out is to make amends for whatever it is that you did wrong.  If it is impossible because the person you wronged is dead or out of your reach for some reason, then you have to consult someone who will petition the Spirits on your behalf.  You cannot do this yourself.  Someone has to hear you confess your crimes and work with you to free you.

Perspectives on Ndoki

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An article about how the belief that Ndoki are demons or causing demonic possessions leads people to torture and kill children in the name of the god that is not God.

K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of Orisha.me.


  1. Very good article but I find the posts on Beelzebub to be somewhat bordering on Christian paranoia. I have never heard about about people sacrificing their children to him in this day and age. Could you be more specific as to where exactly did you get this surprising information?

    • I meant that sacrificing spiritually, not physically. If someone harms their children in order to enforce their belief in a lie, they are sacrificing their children’s wellbeing for it. I thought I’d made that clear in the post.

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