It takes resolve, courage, integrity… – Babaawo Fadokun Ifawenda | Facebook

It takes resolve, courage, integrity and strong determination to follow Òrúnmìlà:
Always listen to and obey the counsel of Òrúnmìlà and you will be a great success. Not all people are honest and not all babalawo are worthy and deserving of trust, neither do all babalawo have a true calling and vocation. A babalawo ceases to be a babalawo the moment he conducts himself contrary to Ifá. A babalawo ceases to be a babalawo when his practices are contrary to the good teachings and examples of Òrúnmìlà. A babalawo who deceives people has no support from Ifá and Òrúnmìlà. A cheating and immoral babalawo will have lifeless ikin and opele, that will remain inactive and dead, until he reforms himself and seeks the forgiveness of Ifá. Never fear people. No matter if he is a babalawo or not. Òrúnmìlà cannot be bribed. Òrúnmìlà cannot be a participant in anything dishonest, injurious and mean spirited.

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