Hof Dor, Israel

Olokun is one of the most controversial Orishas in the current pantheon.  Some say he’s male, and some say she’s female, and others both.  It depends on the place and the local traditions.  Some say that he/she and Yemaya are one in the same, some that they are brother and…

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Stars in Her Hair - Inspired by Goddess Mother of Orisha of Water Witch Creations - Ancestor Bottled and More

Other names/spellings/related deities that overlap in the diaspora: Nana Buruku, Yemanja, Iemanja, Yemalla, Iemaia, Yemoja, La Sirene, Mommi. Sacred number: 7. Sacred colors: blue and white, aqua and white, translucent/transparent blue or aqua and white. Domain: the sea, water, all life on Earth, motherhood/reproduction, cell division, currents. Holy places: For…

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