Ogun, Ogoun

Sacred numbers: 7,3,or 4 Colors: green, green and black, or red, black, and green, in some traditions lavender or light purple, sometimes very dark brown, sometimes steel “silver”, sometimes gunmetal Domain: metals (especially iron), metalworking, tools, weapons, technology, generated electrical power, physical strength/force, killing with weapons, leadership Symbols: knife, a gubasa sword,…

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Oya, Yansa

Oya and Babalu Aye

Wind in her hair. Lightning in her eyes. Storms in her voice, And thunder in her thighs! Sacred number: 9. Sacred colors:  Brown, orange, purple, arterial blood red, deep red, burgundy, maroon, rainbow plus black, brown, and white. Symbols and Embodiments: Storms, wind, whirlwinds, hurricanes, storm and/or disease vector symbols,…

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